Student Project Archive

Here you can view examples of student projects across a variety of subject areas and media forms.

Undergraduate projects

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First-year work

First-year design projects

In their first-year, students learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, Animate to create multimedia content

Second-year and third-year work

3ds Max projects

Students touch on 3d content-creation, learning how to model, texture, rig, light, and animate basic models.

Short film projects

Students are introduced to video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and use these skills to create a short horror film.

Game projects

A game is an excellent example of a multimedia product. For this reason, the final-year project for our students is to create a digital game as a group project. You can download and play all student games.

Honours projects

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Animation projects

The IMY 777 module in Honours deals with animation theory and requires students to practice the theory by creating animations.

Virtual environments

The IMY 774 module in Honours teaches the theory of virtual environments and virtual reality and then requires students to use the tools provided in our Virtual Reality and Interaction Lab to create a short VR experience.

Projects by year

Alternatively, you can view the student projects according to the year in which they were created.