IMY 300 | Game Design Projects (2022)

For their year project, IMY 300 students have to create a fully-realised digital game. Thanks to 24 Bit Games for sponsoring the project-day prizes!

High Tide won first place in the 2022 final-year expo.

Group name: Not A Tree
Game name: High Tide
Technology: Unity
Group members:

  • Naderah Limbada
  • Paul Mouton
  • Charl Volschenk

HER won second place in the 2022 final-year expo.

Group name: Femme Fatales
Game name: HER
Technology: Unity
Group members:

  • Andrea Blignaut
  • Angela Goodhead
  • Ayla Inggs
  • Kiara Jaimungal

Euphony won third place in the 2022 final-year expo.

Group name: Reign Network
Game name: Euphony
Technology: Unity
Group members:

  • Ruan Lombaard

Group name: Segmentation Cult
Game name: Wild North
Technology: Unity
Group members:

  • Caleb Groeneveld
  • James Lake
  • Francois Viviers
  • Zelda Wiese

Group name: 3Minute Noodles
Game name: Raziel Rising
Technology: Unity
Group members:

  • Dharshan Moodley
  • Mayur Pillay
  • Matthew Reed

Group name: Poise
Game name: Symbol Miner
Technology: Unity
Group members:

  • Moloko Magwai

IMY 774 | Virtual reality experience projects (2022)

For their Semester Project, IMY 774 students had to create an interactive Virtual Reality experience.

VR Hockey experience was created by Daelin Campleman for the HTC Vive using Unreal Engine

Shadow Builder was created by Werner Graaff for the Oculus Quest using Unity

Respite was created by Johannes de Clerq for the HTC Vive using Unity

Look Away was created by De Villiers Meiring for the Oculus Quest using Unity

Mine was created by Callum Harding for the HTC Vive using Unity

Rogue Mission was created by Dean Nortje for the Oculus Quest using Unity

Medieval Village Builder was created by Reinhard Stoop for the Oculus Quest using Unity

IMY 120 | Animation projects

After learning some sound editing and animation skills, the first-years in IMY 120 were given a project in which they had to tell a story that begins with a verbal narration and ends with an animation. The best projects are shown below.

3rd place: Cheyenne Scheepers

2nd place: Joshua Schröder

1st place: Matthew Rottcher

IMY 120 | “Frankenstein Monster” character | 2022

To practice their skills with image editing, the first-years in IMY 120 were given an assignment where they had to creatively combine at least 15 different images to create a “Frankenstein monster” character and make it look like it is part of its background.

The best submissions are shown below in no particular order.

Daniel Lukyanov

Jay Mashele

Mia Hand

Shiza Butt

Matthew Rottcher

Kristi Matsila

Danae Swart

IMY 120 | Isometric artwork | 2022

While learning Adobe Illustrator, the students in IMY 120 were given an assignment to convert a room in their house into an isometric artwork. Here are the best submissions, in no particular order.

Danae Swart

Danae Swart

Keaton Botha

Keaton Botha

Matthew Rottcher

Matthew Rottcher

Shiza Butt

Shiza Butt

Yantha Wolmarans

Yantha Wolmarans

IMY 120 | Personal brand logos | 2022

The first years in IMY 120 were tasked with using Adobe Illustrator to create a logo for their own personal brand for use on a portfolio website. The best logos are shown below.

IMY 120 – Best personal brand logos 2022

IMY 211 – Best 3d assignments (2022)

For the practical component of  IMY 211, the students are given an introduction to the workflow of 3ds Max. This culminates in a short animation of a robotic character which they have modelled, textured, rigged, lit and animated themselves.

These are the best animations in various categories:

Best overall project

By: Carl de Witt

Best walk cycle

By: Rachel Kegge

Best-looking robot

By: Ross Tordiffe

Best camera work and animation

By: Tayla Orsmond

IMY 777 – Best rotoscope assignments (2022)

For an assignment in IMY 777 (animation theory and practice), the Honours students are tasked with creating a short rotoscope animation. This involves tracing a live action video which they have filmed themselves. The top animation is shown below. It was created by Kristi Dreyer.

Best rotoscope animation

By: Kristi Dreyer

Kristi Dreyer

Best runner-up

By: Reinhard Stoop