IMY 211 – Best 3d assignments (2022)

For the practical component of  IMY 211, the students are given an introduction to the workflow of 3ds Max. This culminates in a short animation of a robotic character which they have modelled, textured, rigged, lit and animated themselves.

These are the best animations in various categories:

Best overall project

By: Carl de Witt

Best walk cycle

By: Rachel Kegge

Best-looking robot

By: Ross Tordiffe

Best camera work and animation

By: Tayla Orsmond

IMY 777 – Best rotoscope assignments (2022)

For an assignment in IMY 777 (animation theory and practice), the Honours students are tasked with creating a short rotoscope animation. This involves tracing a live action video which they have filmed themselves. The top animation is shown below. It was created by Kristi Dreyer.

Best rotoscope animation

By: Kristi Dreyer

Kristi Dreyer

Best runner-up

By: Reinhard Stoop