Adobe Illustrator characters (IMY 120)

Starting in 2018, the first years in IMY 120 have been taught how to use Adobe Illustrator to create artwork. As a part of a larger semester project, they are required to create a character in Illustrator. The best characters are shown below (in no particular order).

Created by Bryony Asrie








Created by Lap Ren Zhang







Created by Cadon Gernandt







Created by Ivan Oosthuizen







Created by Jonathan Bertram

IMY 774 | Virtual reality experience projects (2018)

For their Semester Project, IMY 774 students had to create an interactive Virtual Reality experience.


VR Airship was created by Ian Richter using Unity


VR Duck’n’Dive was created by Migael Hartzenberg using Unity


Forest Lumina was created by Celia Yeung using Unity


VR Skiing was created by Grant Smith using Unity


Refleqtion was created by Janko Lilje using Unity


FlyEx-VR was created by Keanan Jones using Unity


Tiki Island was created by Leandri Viviers using Unity


VR Jungle Gym was created by Janeen Bredenkamp using Unity

IMY 211 – Best 3ds Max animation assignments

For the practical component of  IMY 211, the students are given an introduction to the workflow of 3ds Max. This culminates in a short animation of a robotic character which they have modelled, textured, rigged, lit and animated themselves.

These are the best animations in various categories:

Best-looking robot

By: Andrew Howard


Best textures and camera movement

By: Bevan Holborn


Best overall animation – runner-up

By: Doreen Davies


Best overall animation – runner-up

By: Llewellyn de Vries


Best overall animation

By: Alexander Millar