VR and Interaction (VRI) lab – 3D printing and scanning

Some more toys arrived today. This time around we got our hands on a 3D scanner. We are still learning to use it but watch this space for some updates.

We also printed some more stuff. This time we printed some Raspberry Pi cases for the honours projects. Below you will find the time lapse of the bottom of the case as well as a unboxing video of the 3D scanner.

Watch this space!

VR and Interaction lab – the beginning

Awesome things are happening in the multimedia department at the Department of Information Science. A few years ago a colleague and I decided to create a laboratory where Multimedia post graduate students can have the freedom to play, learn and experiment with the newest technologies.

Over the last three years this has slowly become a reality with the department buying pieces of technology. We first started with the Oculus Rift development kit 1. The year after that we purchased the Oculus Rift development kit 2. Shortly after that (after figuring out that we have no computer powerful enough for commercial VR) we purchased “The eye” which is our VR computer.

This year we bought the most equipment yet: A HTC Vive, 3D printers, a 3D scanner and some micro electronics for IoT experiments. Some of these toys arrived this week. We have been playing with some great technology! Below you will find some videos and images of what we have been doing.

Our 3D prints so far.

More updates to come!