IMY 777 – Best rotoscope assignments (2022)

For an assignment in IMY 777 (animation theory and practice), the Honours students are tasked with creating a short rotoscope animation. This involves tracing a live action video which they have filmed themselves. The top animation is shown below. It was created by Kristi Dreyer.

Best rotoscope animation

By: Kristi Dreyer

Kristi Dreyer

Best runner-up

By: Reinhard Stoop

IMY 774 | Virtual reality experience projects (2021)

For their Semester Project, IMY 774 students had to create an interactive Virtual Reality experience.

VR Snowcase experience was created by Rhodeen Davies for the Oculus Quest using Unreal Engine

Rush Hour was created by Jaedon Heger for the Oculus Quest using Unity

Outlook was created by Bevan Holborn for mobile VR and a 3D-printed headset using Unity

The Hunt was created by Jason Louw for the HTC Vive using Unity

Escape Room was created by Duncan Oosthuizen for the Oculus Quest using Unity