VRI Lab and Kumba VR center collaboration

Today we had a tour for a group of students of the Kumba VR centre at the University of Pretoria. The students, from the BIS Multimedia Honours module Virtual Environments, had the opportunity to look at the technology and experience it first hand. This includes the Kumba VR centre’s 3D 360-degree Virtual Reality Cylinder, which displays stereoscopic 3D visuals onto a cylindric wall that encloses the users (as seen in the photos).

This year will be the first year where the VRI (Virtual Reality and Interaction) Lab will be collaborating with the Mining VR centre in exploring VR and interaction design, pushing the boundaries of interaction design in shared physical VR spaces. The goal is to expand the possibilities of shared VR space by incorporating different VR-technologies, such as combining the cylinder with real-time individual tracking.